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Zustech’s Business analysis consultancy service supports businesses in designing digital strategies, eliciting requirements & developing IT solutions

Business Analysis



Are you struggling to deliver quality software, do you have challenges designing and implementing business process or eliciting, documenting and implementing business needs.  Are you having problems translating business needs into IT solutions. We have a team of business analysis experts who specialises in requirement engineering and implementation, business process modelling, and project delivery. We help companies develop IT systems to solve business needs. Our services cover developing new systems, improving an existing system or integrating new and existing systems


Business case helps answer the questions of why we need to undertake a project and the cost and business benefits. Unfortunately, many projects fail as a result of poorly developed business case. We will assist you in developing an industry standard business case which will help set the tone for a successful project. Through detailed research and investigations, we will explore the cost, risks and benefits of all available solutions to your business needs and provides a rationale for the preferred solution.


Are you having problem gathering, documenting and communicating requirements to your project team? Do you experience problem associated with missed requirement, unambiguous and unclear requirement, delivering projects that do not address the business needs. Our experts employ investigative techniques in gathering, analysing and documenting requirements. Not only do we ensure that the requirements are properly communicated to the project team, we engage them in the implementation and making sure that the project needs are achieved. Our experts provides support to and answer business based queries from the development/delivery team.


Quality and customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. Our experts plan and coordinate User Acceptance testing. We write acceptance criteria, user acceptance scenarios, execute and document tests result, while constantly liaising with the business owners and the project team to resolve issues and managing defects. We also train the business users on how to carry out UAT, helping business make an informed Go-No-go decision. We design and run customer pilots, providing feedback to the project team.


We help projects carry out lesson learned evaluation and documentation. After project completion, our team of experts will evaluate if targeted business needs are met. We design and document user manuals, new business processes and resolve post project issues.


In the ever changing and competitive business world, businesses need to re-strategise, evolve and develop new business process in other to respond to those changes. Our team of experts will map and analyse the current (As is) business process, investigate the problems within the process before designing a new (To-be) process. We also specialise in the implementation and evaluation of new business processes.


Change is a very important process organisations/businesses go through. If planned and implemented wrongly, it can have a devastating effect on Businesses. Our change analysts are highly experienced in managing change. We will help your business understand the needed change, plan, implement and communicate the change to the relevant stakeholders.

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