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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By registering for a course, you agree to the following:


  1. You will not disclose details of projects worked on at Zustech. You will also not distribute or reproduce any of the training materials provided by Zustech.

  2. You are aware that you are not paying for the work experience but only for the  training.

  3. You understand that all intellectual property generated during your time on the project belongs to Zustech Ltd.

  4. You understand that your time on the project is on a voluntary basis and that you must not look to receive any payment from Zustech Ltd.

  5. You understand that if you are to decide not to continue with the training; Zustech Ltd. will refund any advance payments, however refunds will not be given for any classes already attended.

  6. You understand that Zustech Ltd.might use your details to assist with referencing, training and for marketing purposes.

  7. You grant Zustech Ltd., its representatives and employees the right to take photographs of you, these pictures will not show your face and will be used solely for marketing and promotional purposes only.

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